Seventh emission

Ninth emission

Eighth emission

(printed by el Banco de México)

That emission, sent to the circulation October 1, 2002, if it even contains only the denomination of 20 pesos, can be considered as an emission different from the previous one and for that reason begins again by series A. The concept of "paper money"e; changes completely in that series of notes emitted by the Bank of Mexico (of 2001 to the date) : for the first time paper money was no longer printed on paper but on polymer.

The banknote of 20 pesos, for being the one of the lowest denomination, changes quickly of hands and causes therefore faster deterioration than the one of other denominations (average of 6 months). Several countries that have experienced similar problems solved them printing their banknotes on plastic.

That change was considered as provisional at the beginning and had the objective of determine if in Mexico it is possible to increase the life of the banknotes as it was reached in other countries (life increased until four times). As it was successful the change is now definitive and will be apply to the next 2 and 50 pesos banknotes of the ninth emission.

The process of replacement of the 20 pesos banknote will be progressive waiting their withdraw from circulation because of their deterioration degree.

This 20 pesos note keeps a design similar to the prior one, but some differences are presents.

Throughout the emission, the letters "I" and "O" are not used in the series and subseries in order to avoid the confusion with the digits 1 and 0.

The Bank of Mexico classify this emission in the family D1.

20 pesos