Ninth emission

Tenth emission

Eleventh emission


(printed by el Banco de México)

The Bank of Mexico began the circulation of banknotes commemorating great historical events. These banknotes were designed and printed with authentic paper money at the Bank of Mexico facilities, with the same procedures used to produce banknotes. They are legal tender, but people who wish can keep them as a souvenir of said events.

The first was printed on November 20, 2007 and was put into circulation as of September 23, 2009. To date there have been 3 commemorative banknotes but in the second half of 2021 a new 20 pesos one will be issued:


2007-2008 (ninth emission):


100 pesos


200 pesos


2016 (tenth emission):


100 pesos


2021 (eleventh emission):


20 pesos