Second emission

First emission

(printed by American Bank Note Co.)

The first paper money printed by the Bank of Mexico, S.A. was printed by the prestigious but recently disappeared firm, The American Bank Note Company (ABNC) of New York, whose excellent quality of engraving paper money enjoyed international fame. The Note pertaining to the first emission are popularly referred as "los anchos" (the wide ones) due to their large size.

Series A of all the denominations were guaranteed by deposits of gold in the Bank; that is, the Bank of Mexico guaranteed the exchange of all series A notes by payment equivalent in gold coin. This stimulated the acceptance and trust the people had in the first emission of paper money of the Bank of Mexico, because at the time, the trust of the people might have in paper money was at its lower point, due to the numerous large issues of the paper money of the revolution, which, for the most part, were never redeemed, causing enormous economic loss to the Mexican people.

5 pesos


10 pesos


20 pesos


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1000 pesos