Third emission

Fifth emission

Fourth emission

(printed by el Banco de México S.A.)

The paper money plant issued its first note on september 16, 1969. As the state took over the banking system in september of 1982, all notes issued since 1983 are characterized by the absence of the initials "S.A." after the name of the bank.

Throughout all the emission, the letters "I" and "O" are not used in the series and subseries in order to avoid the confusion with the digits 1 and 0.

The Bank of Mexico classifiy this emission in two families:

The bank notes of this emission have been demonetized; nevertheless, one can suppose that the last types of the denominations from two thousand to hundred thousand pesos may be redeemed for their equivalent amount (2 pesos to 100 pesos) at the Central Bank.

5 pesos


10 pesos


20 pesos


50 pesos


100 pesos


500 pesos


1000 pesos


2000 pesos


5000 pesos


10000 pesos


20000 pesos


500000 pesos


100000 pesos