Summary of all the emissions from 1925 until now

(printed by American Bank Note Co. and El Banco de México)

Three emissions were printed under the ABNC (American Bank Note Co.) printing presses, of which the last was the longest in the country. The first was made in denominations of $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, and $ 1000. The second, in denominations of $ 5, $ 10, $ 50 and $ 100. The third, that the Bank of Mexico classifies as "AA family", in denominations of $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, $ 1000 and $ 10,000. All their designs, to some extent, resembled US dollars, as both were monochromatic and with an effigy in the center surrounded by an arch.

The fourth emission, the first that the Bank of Mexico printed, began with denominations similar to those of the previous issue, except for $ 1. This first series received the same AA alphabetical classification. As Mexico entered a great period of devaluation during the 1980s, low-denomination banknotes were less printed until they were no longer produced. There came a point when the Mexican peso was so devalued that banknotes of increasingly higher denominations had to be produced. This is how the serie classified by the Bank of Mexico as family A began:

Because of this, in 1992 the government decided that if they remained the same they would have banknotes of up to $ 500,000, $ 1,000,000 or more. Thus they created a new monetary unit called "New Peso" where 1 New peso was 1000 Pesos. Thus was born the fifth emission (family B by the Bank of Mexico), they were equal to the notes of the fourth emission of $ 10,000, $ 20,000, $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 but now they only changed the unit. The ISO Code went from being MXP to MXN.

In 1994, the sixth emission began, putting into circulation another series of banknotes, also with the legend "new pesos", but with new designs (classified by the Bank of Mexico as family C).

As of 1996, the adjective "new" was eliminated from the denomination of the seventh emission of banknotes issued by the Bank of Mexico (family D). These banknotes retain the same designs as the previous banknotes, but the legend "Pagara a la Vista al Portador" disappeared along with the article "EL" in front of the name of the Bank of Mexico and the adjective "new" is no longer placed before the name of unit.

The eighth emission (D1 family), launched into circulation on October 1, 2002, even if it only contains the 20 pesos denomination, can be considered as a different emission from the previous one and therefore begins again with series A. 20 pesos banknote, being the lowest denomination, changes hands quickly and thus causes a faster deterioration than that of other denominations. For this reason, the concept of "paper money" changes completely in this series of banknotes, for the first time paper money is no longer printed on paper, but on polymer.

The Bank of Mexico launched the ninth emission (family F) into circulation on November 21, 2006 with reasons to make it easier for the blind to identify the denomination of the pieces and to make it difficult to counterfeit the banknotes, improving the security features.

The tenth emission (F1 family), launched into circulation on May 6, 2013, even if it contains only the 50 pesos denomination, can be considered as a different emission from the previous one and that is why it begins again with series A.

In 2018 onwards, the production and putting into circulation of the new emission of banknotes called "Historical identity and natural heritage" (G family) began, being a complete change in their designation, since 1994 with the fourth emission it was maintained the effigy and the predominant color in all the banknotes, only carrying out new designs.

  1. First : printed from 1925 to 1934
  2. Second : printed from 1936 to 1942
  3. Third : printed from 1934 to 1978
  1. Fourth : printed from 1969 to 1991
  2. fifth : printed in 1992
  3. Sixth : printed in 1992
  4. Seventh : printed from 1994 to 2009
  5. Eighth : printed from 2001 to 2006
  6. Ninth : printed from 2006 to 2017
  7. Tenth : printed from 2012 to 2017
  8. Eleventh : printed from 2017 until now


Summary table

CURRENT VALUE   American Bank Note Co.   El Banco de México
  "Anchos" "Angostos" AA A   B C   D D1 F F1 G
¢ 0,1        
¢ 0,5        
¢ 1        
¢ 2        
¢ 5        
¢ 10        
¢ 50        
$ 1        
$ 2        
$ 5        
$ 10        
$ 20        
$ 50        
$ 200        
$ 500        
$ 1000